What could you do more?

What more could you to live a healthier and happier life?


Drink plenty of water

Around 2 litres over the whole day. Add a slice of lemon, mint, a piece of ginger. A few berries or halved strawberries will add flavour to your water so it will easily drinkable.


Reduce your sugar intake

It seems that 30% of our food has sugar added to it. Processed sugars are very unhealthy and one of the main causers of type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is one of the most upcoming diseases. Reduce your sugar intake or swap it out for stevia or honey.


Cook as much of your own food

This way you know what you have put in your food. Make sure half your plate is filled with vegetables.


Drink limited amount of soft drinks

Soft drinks are high in sugars and the light products are filled with aspartame.


Exercise everyday

Walk everyday a half-hour, work in your garden, go to the gym or go dancing.

Keep yourself moving especially when you are getting older.


Never sit more then 30 minutes

Set a timer for every half hour en move for a bit. Sitting will become the new first world disease.


Eat nuts

20-60 grams of nuts per day may reduce the chance for heart and vascular disease.


Eat only till you are 80% full. Never more.


Spend some time daily with friends and family and help when needed.




Eat plenty fruit and veg that are high in macronutrients (fibre) and micronutrients (antioxidants) so your body builds up a stronger immune system so you will be less vulnerable for the flue and feel healthier, energetic and happier.

Smart Snacking blueberries and nuts

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