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Body&Brains only has the tastiest, biggest cherries of the best varieties in the assortment. We are cherry experts.

Cherries of Body&Brains are delicious to enjoy throughout the day. Our Cherry shakers are easy to take along everywhere you go.

Scientific research shows that consuming cherries on a daily basis could be help reduce gout.


Health Benefits

Scientific research supports that:

Consuming cherries is associated with a lower risk of gout attacks

Consuming cherries may improve sleep duration and quality


Antioxidants inhibit oxidative stress. Oxidative stress occurs when there are to many free radicals present in your body. Free radicals are formed in the body due to stress, fatigue, air pollution, smoking, alcohol and medicine use.

When free radicals are present in your body for long periods of time they can damage your body. Antioxidants make free radicals harmless, which lowers the levels of oxidative stress.



Kersen omelet / Cherry omelet

Omelette Cherry

“Excellent burst of energy, full of vitamins and antioxidants for vigorous and rejuvenating breakfast”  INGREDIENTS:  ½ kg of ripe Body & Brains cherries 6 eggs 200 cc of milk (you... Read more