Red currants

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Red currants

Red currants contain a lot of potassium. Scientific research shows that antioxidants in red currants reduce fat absorption, which is helpful in reducing body weight and obesity.

Furthermore red currants are used a lot in the kitchen. According to the food pairing matrix red currants match very good with lam, goat cheese, coriander, buffalo mozzarella and turbot.

Berries are one of the oldest fruits that are eaten by people. In prehistoric times hunters and gatherers picked berries of plants that they encountered along the way. There is a lot of variety when it comes to berries. From sour berries to delicious sweet berries. Berries are often used as the base for a sauce that can be put on a dessert. Red currants are an ideal snack fruit. You can make jam at home with red currants.

Health Benefits

Scientific research supports that:

Red currants may reduce fat absorption

High fibre consumption is correlated with improved bowel movement: red currants have a lot of fibre so eating red currants may improve bowel movement


Antioxidants inhibit oxidative stress. Oxidative stress occurs when there are to many free radicals present in your body, free radicals are formed in the body due to stress, fatigue, air pollution, smoking, alcohol and medicine use.

When free radicals are present in your body for long periods of time they can damage your body. Antioxidants make free radicals harmless which lowers the levels of oxidative stress.

Red Currants

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